Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize decisions to continuously increase their business value.

Smarter decisions in the digital world

Decision Analytics & Optimization

ACTICO Platform allows companies to analyze and optimize their operational decisions. The decisions made in their automated and interactive scenarios build the data base to uncover and realize potentials for improvement. This way, companies continuously maximize the value of their decisions.

Analyze and optimize decisions with ACTICO software

Continuous Optimization Life Cycle

Visualize and analyze all decisions made

Operational Decision Analytics

ACTICO Platform provides features to visualize and analyze their operational decisions. They identify bottlenecks in decision-making workflows, uncover risks and business potentials in decision models, and thus improve their competitive position.

  • Dependency analysis in graphical decision models

  • Visualization of decisions made directly in the decision model

  • Workflow analysis through interactive dashboards

Continuous Decision Optimization

The holistic platform approach of ACTICO Platform ensures that decision analysis and optimization go hand in hand. Business and IT realize improvements to any aspect in the twinkling of an eye by simply modifying the underlying decision model. The simulation capability helps assure a high decision quality.

  • Modeling of decision simulation scenarios

  • Test-driven, graphically supported quality assurance

  • Automated and documented testing

Simulation offers a secured way to optimize decisions

Key Features

Decision Visualization

Executed decisions can be visualized and analyzed directly in the underlying model. By exploring decision pathways, companies gain a better understanding of operational decision making and build the basis for its optimization.

Decision Optimization

The integrated platform supports a continuous decision optimization life cycle. Business users easily improve the graphical decision models, share them with colleagues and implement them in a secure way with the click of a button.

Decision Simulation

Decision simulation allows companies to evaluate their optimized decision models before using them in real life. Simulation helps them avoid errors and analyze the impact of changes.

"With ACTICO Platform we can optimize our already highly automated decision-making system across the entire credit management process."
Christoph Holtschmit, Head of Risk Management, easyCredit


Increased Business Value

Decision optimization aims at increasing the business value. Even small improvements can have tremendous leverage effects on the profitability of high-volume operational decisions.

Minimized Risks

Companies can minimize risks by testing and simulating their decision models before using them in real life. Simulation helps assure a high quality of decisions that are free from both, technical and business errors.

Deeper Business Insights

Decision analytics helps companies gain deeper business insights. They can identify areas that need further attention, anticipate risks and build a solid knowledge basis to act on new business opportunities.

Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions