Cross-Border Suitability Solution CBS

Master regulatory compliance in cross-border banking, ensure suitability, reduce compliance risk 

Cross-Border Suitability Solution CBS

Automated Decision-Making in Cross-Border Banking  

Current regulatory requirements for investor protection (e.g. MiFID2, MiFIR, PRIIP, OGAW or FIDLEG) pose special challenges, in particular for banks with significant volumes of international business. Depending on the context, banks have to arrive at clear and traceable answers to the question of whether client advisors are allowed to offer a product or service. With ACTICO's Cross-Border Suitability, you find the correct answer in an IT-based, consistent and audit-proof way - for ensured cross-border compliance.

Efficient cross-border compliance thanks to digital country manuals

IT-based Cross-Border Compliance

ACTICO offers a software solution that meets the demanding regulatory requirements applying to cross-border compliance. With a rule-based, automated process, these requirements can be assessed, applied, and documented in an auditable format in combination with directions, instructions and internal bank policies. Our solution automatically accesses digital cross-border country manuals via a standard interface.

Complex global relations in cross-border banking
Simple, rapid &  automated decision-making

Cross-Border Suitability Workplace

ACTICO's Cross-Border Suitability Workplace provides simple, rapid and automated decision-making. Clarifications are conducted via an easy-to-use web interface. Based on the selection criteria, it answers the question of whether a given client may be offered a particular financial product or service. In addition, ready-made scenarios can be reused to ensure the fastest possible case management – even including case data.

  • IT-based decision-making helps you reduce compliance risks.

  • Efficient, automated case management saves you time and reduces errors.

  • All decisions are made consistently and documented in an audit-proof way.

  • The integration of country manuals allows you to tap new markets.

  • Our stand-alone solution can be installed easily and quickly.

Central Cross-Border Suitability Engine

ACTICO's central Cross-Border Suitability Engine is the integrated solution for a broad range of applications. All of the applications either access a central service or – for applications with maximum performance requirements, e.g. trading systems – include the applicable rules as an integrated library. As a result, you will benefit from fully integrated and automated compliance with the specifications for cross-border suitability in every application.

  • Cross-border suitability requirements are maintained centrally and implemented rapidly.

  • All applications and processes use the same decision logic consistently.

  • Integration and automation increase efficiency and reduce compliance risks.

  • The central service approach makes it possible to expand to a central rules engine for a diverse range of compliance aspects based on ACTICO's market-leading business rules management system.

Central solution to meet cross-border-suitability requirements automatically

Key Features

Use of Digital Country Manuals

ACTICO's Cross-Border Suitability enables your automated use of digital country manuals. A standard interface integrates digital country manuals of our partners BRP SA and Indigita. If you have your own country manuals or if you source them from another provider, please contact us. We clarify together how to process this content.

Bank-Specific Adaptions

Thanks to the integrated, market-leading business rules management system by ACTICO, you can quickly and easily make rule-based adaptations in accordance with your bank-specific requirements, e.g. overwrites for grey zones, risk-based decision approaches or special cases. The adaptations will then be applied consistently to cases that match the relevant profile.

Context-Specific Clarification

Case clarification with Cross-Border Suitability Workplace considers all relevant criteria for cross-border suitability. In the process, case clarification is configured so that a majority of the criteria is already preset and the user only selects a small amount of additional information. Furthermore, users can prepare recurring scenarios and apply them with just a few clicks - saving valuable time for core tasks.

Individual Clarification Workflows

For case clarification, Cross-Border Suitability Workplace provides custom-configurable clarification workflows. These also enable different backlogs for clarification processes and an assignment to personal or group work lists. In addition, alerts are issued in the context of workflows and checklists are populated.

Audit-Proof Documentation

Every transaction, including all selection criteria, input data and results are saved, which ensures gapless, audit-proof documentation. Clarifications can be reproduced at any time in exactly the same condition and with the original user interface. In addition, they can be subjected to context-specific searches, statistical evaluation, and the results can be displayed graphically on a dashboard or exported as a report.

Central Cross-Border Suitability Service

Clarification of cross-border suitability is available as a central service. Accordingly, all of your applications benefit from fully integrated and automated compliance with cross-border suitability requirements.


Reduced Advisory Risk

Reduce your advisory risks and the associated risk of financial damage, reputational damage and sanctioning by public authorities by avoiding illegal activities.

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Minimize expenses and costs for research, clarification and documentation in the advisory process by using IT-supported digital country manuals.

Better Customer Relationships

The electronic provision and evaluation of country manuals shortens response times significantly, provides you with an ad-hoc overview of permitted client activities and thus, increases customer satisfaction.

Highest Quality Advice

Consistent cross-border suitability reviews are now available across all applications and for all users in the front, middle, and back office. Decisions can be traced in a completely transparent manner and are fully auditable.

New Market Potential

The multitude of digital country manuals not only safeguards your business in existing markets, but also creates new market opportunities for international growth.

Rapid Implementation of In-house Policies

Thanks to the proven business rules management system by ACTICO, our solution is easily and quickly customized to individual requirements, e.g. overwrites of grey zones.