Credit Workflow & Origination

Check, process and manage credit origination automatically 

Credit Workflow & Origination Module

Software to automate and manage the entire life cycle of credit applications

Requirements related to credit origination systems are increasing – today, lenders require software solutions that support end-to-end credit origination processes that are efficient, and always comply with regulatory guidelines. In addition, origination systems need to be flexible and able to adapt to changing credit policies and business requirements. The Credit Workflow & Origination module is a robust and scalable software solution for automating credit origination processes.

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The ACTICO Credit Workflow & Origination Module is available on premise or in the cloud. Discover ACTICO Cloud Services!

ACTICO covers the entire credit life cycle

Process credit applications from multiple input channels

Credit applications can be imported and processed from multiple channels, e.g. online portals, branches. Furthermore, credit applications can also be captured using web-based front-ends provided by the software solution. The system supports complex relationships, e.g. applications by groups of connected clients, and management of related facilities and collaterals.

Process credit applications from multiple input channels
Integrate data from third party providers

Integrate data from third party providers  

External data sources are an essential source of information - especially for new clients. The Credit Bureau Gateway provides seamless integration with external data providers, such as credit bureaus. 

Perform risk assessment on financials and risk grading

The Credit Workflow and Origination module is seamlessly integrated with ACTICO's financial spreading and risk rating modules. Thus, banks can perform quantitative and qualitative risk assessment based on bank-internal spreading templates and rating models and integrate such information into the credit origination and decisioning rules. 

Perform risk assessment on financials and risk grading
Apply credit policies & credit decisioning strategies

Apply credit policies and credit decisioning strategies

Credit applications are evaluated against a lender’s specific credit policies and strategies. Additionally, banks and financial institutions can execute compliance checks, such as matching against blacklists and fraud detection. The underlying business rules can be flexibly adapted at any time using ACTICO Rules, our graphical business rules management system.

Approve credit applications by applying bank-specific collaborative workflows

The software supports both, automated and complex manual underwriting and approval workflows. For manual decision-making processes the end users are provided with web-based user interfaces to see all details of a credit application, e.g. credit data, company financials, risk ratings, deal structure. Each application can be taken through complex group and role based approval workflows. All user input and actions are subject to a detailed audit trail within the application. All business rules (e.g. credit policies for automated approvals, rules to determine approver level) and workflows (e.g. multi-stage role-based approval workflows) are defined and administrated using ACTICO Rules.

Approve credit applications by applying bank-specific collaborative workflows
"Since tedious programming is no longer needed to implement our rules, we can take our changes to the market much faster.”
Nikilesh Nath, MarkOne Financial


Adapt the software to meet your credit origination requirements

The Credit Workflow and Origination module is based on a flexible framework that ensures the application can be adapted to meet any organization’s unique requirements. This includes all business rules (e.g. credit policies), data entities (e.g. client, facility, collateral), user interfaces, and processing and approval workflows.

Benefit from out-of-the-box functionalities

The Credit Risk Management Platform provides several out-of-the-box modules that are integrated with the Credit Origination module, including but not limited to management of complex client relationships, groups of facilities, and powerful financial spreading and credit risk rating capabilities. All aspects of the system are configurable, so you can configure the application to suit each organization’s needs and processes.

Integrate seamlessly with internal and external data sources

Credit application data can be captured manually or interfaced from existing internal systems. The Credit Bureau Gateway provides standard connectors to various credit bureaus worldwide to integrate external data sources for data enrichment.

Simulate new credit strategies prior to deployment

Credit decisioning strategies can be tested before implementation by simulating revised rule models against a historic set of credit applications. During operations the software tracks extensive meta-data, such as processing and idle times, providing valuable insights and helping optimize credit origination processes.