Credit Bureau Gateway

Integrating and processing third party data

Credit Bureau Gateway

Software for the seamless and cost-efficient integration of external data sources

ACTICO provides a pool of standard connectors to credit bureaus and other data providers worldwide with the Credit Bureau Gateway (CBG). Using the standard connectors, credit reporting data in both, structured and unstructured formats can be easily retrieved from the external data providers. The modular application design reduces maintenance efforts, and allows for easy integration of additional data providers.

The ACTICO Credit Bureau Gateway is available on premise or in the cloud. Discover ACTICO Cloud Services!


Plug-In Mechanism for Connectors

Interfaces to credit bureaus are encapsulated and bundled as "connectors", which can easily be added and removed using a plug-in mechanism.

Standardized Web Service Interface

Each credit reporting agency supports specific integration options and technologies for data access. ACTICO's Credit Bureau Gateway provides a standardized web service interface independent of the data provider used.

Centralized Data Storage & Caching

Each product or data package from an external data provider is stored centrally in a caching database. This avoids multiple purchases of the same credit report, and reduces costs. 

Centralized Monitoring

The ACTICO's Gateway monitors all communication with external data providers using a centralized logging mechanism. This ensures quick identification and resolution of errors related to external communications.

Automated Report Generation

Many credit bureaus deliver their credit reports in formatted documents. The Credit Bureau Gateway is able to generate PDF documents "on-the-fly" for those agencies that do not provide such reports. 

Support for Credit Monitoring

The Credit Bureau Gateway of ACTICO supports monitoring processes for automated polling of updated credit reports. 


ACTICO's Credit Bureau Gateway connects and delivers data in real-time in an uniform format directly via an API. This allows the automation of credit-based decisions efficiently and profitably. The CBG accesses credit data such as: 

Dun & Bradstreet (DnB)



Deutsche Bank Auskunft



Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen






Use Standard Connectors

ACTICO provides standard connectors to credit bureaus worldwide. Our clients therefore benefit from reduced implementation efforts and costs.

Increase Flexibility

The set of credit bureaus and the reports consumed from each bureau can be adapted at any time. This ensures a high level of flexibility. 

Reduce Complexity

The Gateway abstracts from technically heterogeneous interfaces and processes of each credit bureau by providing a standardized remote interface (API).

Increase Automation

The automation of complex communication processes such as initial data access and monitoring workflows are supported by ACTICO's Credit Bureau Gateway.

Reduce Costs

An integrated caching mechanism ensures that identical reports are not purchased multiple times and thus helps to reduce costs.

Drive Standardization

Each credit bureau delivers specific information and data fields. ACTICO's Gateway offers a mapping mechanism that standardizes credit reports across multiple data providers.