Compliance Suite

Managing regulatory compliance with rule-based software and machine learning.

Automation of Compliance PROCESSES

Combating Money Laundering & Market Manipulation

The ACTICO Compliance Suite is a software for banks, financial services providers and insurance companies. It is based on business rules. Every rule that leads to a decision is fully transparent.

The modular design allows different funkionalities to be used one user interface: Anti Money-Laundering, KYC, sanctions and PEP list checks and the prevention of market abuse.

Advantages for Compliance Officers:

New: Machine Learning in the Compliance Suite

Powered by machine learning procedures, the Compliance Suite can now help you save time and increase efficiency by up to 70%. This is made possible by assignment of a risk probability that helps compliance managers prioritize cases and effectively manage risks. 

Compliance Suite at a Glance

The Compliance Suite at a Glance

Compliance Suite at a glance

Top Features of the Compliance Suite Modules

Money Laundering Detection System

Money Laundering Detection System

MLDS checks payments and
recognizes conspicuous customer

MLDS enables risk-oriented
clarification and concentration on
relevant cases.

MLDS combined with Machine
Learning changes the way payments
are monitored.

Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer

KYC checks new and existing
customers and creates the KYC

Customer and payment data are
evaluated in the risk classification
and form the basis of the risk-based

Name Matching Customer

Name Matching Customer

The software compares the
customer base with PEP and
sanction lists as well as internal

New customers from onboarding
are checked against blacklists.

Machine Learning prioritizes hits to
better utilize resources for

Name Matching Transaction

Name Matching Transaction

Name Matching Transaction checks
payments against blacklists and
stops them before execution, if

Defined workflows enable the
immediate clarification of hits
before the payment is executed.

Machine Learning gives a clear
indication how serious an alert is.

Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection

Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection

MAID detects market manipulation
& insider trading and supports the
clarification of conspicuous orders
in securities trading.

MAID serves to manage insider
knowledge and takes into account
internal and legal rules in securities

MAID combined with Machine
Learning supports better monitoring of securities orders.

Compliance Agility Package

With ACTICO Rules, CAP ensures that
compliance experts can flexibly and
independently adjust their existing
rules and create new rules.

In CAP, rules are historized in a
revision-proof way


More efficient processes

The Compliance Suite links all compliance relevant contents, functions and processes.

Higher transparency

The revision-proof documentation allows for high transparency over processes.

Ease of use

The graphical representation of the compliance rules facilitates the management of complex environments.

Reduced reputational risk

Business and technical features in the compliance suite assist banks and insurers in reducing their reputational risk.

Agile compliance

Banks, insurers and financial service providers can easily design and change their compliance rules. 

Cost reductions

Thanks to the graphical user interface, new regulations can be designed by business users even without having special IT knowledge. External support is not necessary.

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