Risk-Based Compliance

Software modules and components for
regulatory compliance

Compliance Suite

Software for Managing Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance comprises a whole range of topics that need to be managed according to the risk-based approach: Anti-Money Laundering, Prevention of Market Abuse, Know-Your-Customer, Sanctions Lists Screening, and Embargo Monitoring.

To make use of integrated compliance management, it is mandatory to cross-link these areas and to implement the risk-based approach. That means: Concentrate resources on analyses and investigation exactly where the risks are.

The ACTICO Compliance Suite comprises five software modules which can be used in one interface:

Additional software components such as an authorization scheme, document management and workflows are available in all modules mentioned above. The Compliance Suite also delivers standard rules, which can be adapted by banks and financial service providers according to their business model.

Risk-based Compliance 

Revision-proof, flexible and agile

Modular design 

Individually adaptable

All in one

Technical & compliance-oriented software components


The Compliance Suite at a Glance

Module graphics Compliance Suite

Top Features of the Compliance Suite Modules

Money Laundering Detection System

Money Laundering Detection System

Payments are checked by transaction monitoring. Conspicuous customer behavior is recognized.

Customer or transaction data are assessed in a risk classification, forming the basis of the risk-based approach.

Name Matching Customer

Name Matching Customer

The customer base is regularly cross-checked against internal and external black lists.

The visual comparison of similarities facilitates the verification of potential hits.

Name Matching Transaction

Name Matching Transaction

Name Matching Transaction checks unusual transactions and, if necessary, stops before they are executed.

All checklists and guidelines can be imported, updated and administered in NMT.

Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection

Market Abuse & Insider Dealing Detection

MAID recognizes market abuse and insider dealings.

Legal requirements and company guidelines are displayed in business rules. 

Management of Conflicting Interests

Management of Conflicting Interests

MCI recognizes existing or potential conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interests can be clarified in MCI via a workflow.

Compliance Agility Package

Departments can flexibly and independently adapt rules and create new ones.

The advantage: quickness and independence in adapting business rules.

"ACTICO provided us with software that enabled us to be proactive and not just reactive."
Stefanie Giger, Compliance Officer at LGT in the Principality of Liechtenstein



The Compliance Suite interlinks compliance-relevant content, functionalities & processes.

High Transparency

The revision-proof documentation guarantees high transparency at any time.

Excellent Overview

The graphical representation of compliance rules simplifies the management of a complex network.

Reputation Security

The Compliance Suite includes modules for content & technology and ensures a good reputation.


Banks and financial services providers are independent because they can adapt the compliance rules themselves.

Cost Reduction

Thanks to the graphical design of the basic technology, compliance officers can adapt rules without specialized IT-knowledge.

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