Compliance Agility Package CAP

Flexible adjustment of rules by business departments.

Compliance Agility Package Cap

Fast and independent adjustment of business rules

Scammers, money launderers and terrorists are constantly changing their tactics. Compliance staff must monitor these developments and quickly adjust compliance rules. With ACTICO Rules as core system and the module CAP it is up to the user to carry out the necessary adjustments.

The benefit of using CAP lies in the following points:

  • Cooperative rule processing by the business department and IT

  • Audit-proof historization

  • Running simulations


Fewer Errors

Rule simulation displays the rules down to an especially high level of detail and allows special data constellations to be taken into account.

Faster Adaption

Fast responses to regulatory requirements become possible. Lightweight processes reduce the need for reconciliations.

Lower costs

Through graphical modeling, rules are transparent and even complex changes can be done in-house.

Key Features

Graphical rule processing

The rules are shown in ACTICO Rules. The graphical interface intuitively supports rule processing. The different perspectives allow both funtional and techincal users to read and understand the Compliance rules.


CAP integrates a simulation function. The rules are implemented using data supplied and the results are displayed as statistics. Users can choose whether the implementation is to take place in the productive environment or based on selected test systems.


Modified rules can be load to the target system within CAP. The rule can be activated during this process, and also independently from uploads. Measures are taken to ensure that only one rule version applies at one time.


All versions of a rule loaded to the target system are historized with time stamp and user ID. The system also records who enabled the rule and when they enabled it. This allows the auditors to trace which rules were applied during what time period.