Avaloq Business Rules Standard Adapter

Model rules and execute them in the Avaloq Banking Suite

Implement MIFid II, PRIIPs and FIDLEG requirements

Transparent Modeling of Investment Suitability Rules 

Many Avaloq banks are facing the implementation of requirements from MIFID 2, PRIIPs and FIDLEG. Guidelines for investor protection, especially regarding cross-border banking, have to be implemented. Investment suitability and, as a result, Avaloq's Investment Suitability Framework are the focus of attention. An extensive set of complex business rules have to be mastered in order to meet the demanding regulatory requirements for investor protection. ACTICO Decision Management works reliably with the Avaloq Banking Suite via standard adapter. This allows you to graphically model the appropriate rules for usage within and outside the Avaloq Banking Suite. They are now readable by the business department and fully transparent.

Brochure Avaloq Business Rules Standard Adapter

Key features

Graphical Rule Modeling

With ACTICO Decision Management, you model the investment suitability rules graphically. These rules are understandable for the business department and can be executed directly. 

Export of Business Rules

Defined rules are exported by ACTICO Decision Management in a format readable by the Avaloq Banking Suite. The export contains the decision tables for investment suitability.

Import via Standard Adapter

The decision tables are being imported via standard adapter into Avaloq Investment Suitability Framework. The rules are applied within the Avaloq Banking Suite in its Advisory Module.

DMN Standard of OMG

As data exchange format of rules, the DMN standard of the Object Management Group is used. ACTICO Decision Management exports DMN models and Avaloq imports them via standard adapter. 

Digital Country Manuals

ACTICO Decision Management graphically presents the rules of digital country manuals from established providers. These can be administered, supplemented and provided for the Avaloq Banking Suite.

Central Rules Management 

With ACTICO Decision Management, you manage rules on investment suitability centrally for multiple systems. You can export them for the Avaloq Banking Suite or provide them to other systems as a service.


Avaloq & ACTICO

Thanks to the partnership, the behavior of Avaloq's Investment Suitability Framework can be perfectly managed using ACTICO graphical rule modeling. 

Revision-Proof Rules

The graphical representation of investment suitability rules in ACTICO Decision Management ensures readability by the business department at any time. Rules are managed along with their change history, so changes always remain transparent. 

Transparency in MiFID II & Co.

The ability to model rules graphically significantly increases the transparency over market conduct rules, that financial service providers have to comply with, when dealing with their clients. 


The central rules management ensures consistency within distributed and heterogeneous architectures.

State-of-art Rules Management

For many years, ACTICO has been providing proven tools for creating, testing and managing business rules. Through the adapter our state-of-art rules management now becomes available for the Avaloq Banking Suite.