Model & Optimize Business Rules

Create and maintain flow rules and decision tables with one graphical approach

Graphical modeling instead of coding

Versatile and unique, ACTICO's intuitive modeling approach ensures that even business professionals with little-to-no programming experience can successfully achieve effective results. Flow rules, decision tables and state flows are graphically modeled and can be simulated and tested subsequently.

Graphical business rules management

Model business logic intuitively

ACTICO Modeler accompanies business professionals through the process of modeling, maintaining and optimizing business logic graphically. Whether business rules, decisions or workflows – the intuitive ACTICO Modeler simplifies modeling even when the business logic is very complex. Once models are completed, the user generates a comprehensive graphical documentation of the business logic and data model with the click of a button.

Model, maintain & optimize business logic graphically

Modeling business rules, decision tables & workflows

Analyzing changes in different versions of a business rule

Analyzing changes in different versions of a business rule

Analyze business rules & decisions

Sophisticated analytical tools make it quick and easy for users to uncover dependencies between business rules, decisions and data models. Descriptive diagrams illustrate dependencies and data usage. The Compare Editor shows changes to business logic and data in a graphical way allowing users to recognize differences between versions quickly.

Test & simulate business rules & decisions

Special tools help business professionals define and organize their test cases. In addition, they can view execution statistics, inspect test results and analyze how they each deviate from expected reference values. Graphical debugging helps to interactively identify errors and check the plausibility of the business logic. This test-driven approach ensures that only functionally correct rules are used in operative business.

Checking test results and deviances

Checking test results and deviances

decision trees are directly executable as rule models

Importing decision trees via PMML as flow rules

Import predictive rule models

Users can import data mining results in the form of decision tree models to ACTICO Rules via PMML (Predictive Model Markup Language). That way, predictive decision models exported from your data mining and analytics tools can be used directly as flow rules in ACTICO Rules. This ensures that you always use the best decision logic in accordance with your analytic results.


Autonomous business experts

The intuitive graphical approach is easy to learn. Business experts model and maintain their business logic autonomously – without any programming knowledge.

Accelerated time to market

Our customers implement new insights or changes rapidly in just a few hours that formerly took days or even weeks. Thus, they accelerate time-to-market and increase flexibility.

Reduced costs

Benefit from low TCO and a fast ROI, due to flexible licensing and pricing models, reduced development cycles and short project initiation and implementation times.