Execute & Monitor Business Rules

Automate rules and decisions with high performance and benefit from the versatility and traceability.

Automated execution & seamless integration

ACTICO Rules allows you to execute and monitor business logic in various scenarios regardless of whether you are working with client/server systems, enterprise applications or business processes. Our technology can be integrated into a broad range of architectures and ensures greater transparency across the entire span of your business processes. This way, you can keep an eye on everything and intervene directly whenever necessary!

Execute and monitor business rules

Execute rules in various scenarios

Business rules as webservices

ACTICO Execution Server allows different tenants to be served by business rules made available as web services – even for diverse IT landscapes and legacy systems. It supports SOA integration standards and different version control options, which facilitate reliable rule management in very complex scenarios.

Batch processing of business rules

With ACTICO Batch Platform, the business logic created for interactive software applications is also used for non-interactive processing of mass data. These batch applications satisfy the highest requirements in relation to performance and processing large volumes of data.

Business rules as Java code

ACTICO technology enables business rules to be executed directly as part of a Java application. Besides, it provides additional options for dynamic deployment of different rule versions at runtime.

Monitor business rule execution details while system is running

Web services available on ACTICO Execution Server

Execution statistics in a business rule model

Execution statistics in a flow rule

Monitor & analyze execution

In the graphical model, runtime statistics highlight the business rules processed per request along with the processing time. This allows you to monitor all business rule execution details while the system is running. The evaluation of log files and incremental rule execution (debugging) supply further information.


High performance execution

Benefit from high-performance execution capabilities in various scenarios (SOA, Batch, Java) and IT landscapes – with high scalability and full availability.

Full traceability

All changes to models (designtime) and all decisions made (runtime) are automatically recorded in a detailed and audit-proof way, providing full traceability.

Seamless integration

ACTICO technology ensures a seamless integration into existing IT landscapes while providing high scalability.