Administrate & Deploy Business Rules

Manage business rules and decisions efficiently and release them rapidly and securely.

Efficiency in Business Rules Management

“Build for change” – never before has business logic needed to be as versatile and agile. Working on new business rules, workflows or changes within a team calls for special tools, methods and processes. At the same time, it is essential that only accurate rules and processes make their way into production. ACTICO technology covers all these needs when administrating and deploying business logic.

Administrating and deploying business rules

Manage access rights & coordinate simultaneous editing of business rule & workflow models

Administrating user rights on ACTICO Team Server

Administrate rule projects collaboratively

ACTICO Team Server coordinates the simultaneous editing of business rule and workflow models by several authors and manages access rights for groups, users and tenants. In addition to rules, workflow and documentations, an unlimited number of documents can be administrated within a project and made available centrally to all project participants. Users can graphically compare and merge different versions at the push of a button.

Deploy business rules & decisions efficiently

Deployment of business rules and workflows is carried out either manually with ACTICO Modeler or automated as part of a build process. Automated deployment can be configured and monitored on ACTICO Team Server or using our builder component, which can be integrated into existing build processes. Both approaches enable rule and state flow versions to be hot deployed on ACTICO Execution Server without down-time.

Fast deployment of business rules & workflows

Build history on ACTICO Team Server


Improved collaboration

Business and IT use one common development environment and improve collaboration based on the existing separation of roles between business and IT departments.

Test-driven quality assurance

Comprehensive, automatable test support capabilities offer early controls to secure quality. Graphical tools support your test management.

Fine-grained access control

Benefit from fine-grained access control: Roles and permissions can be defined on all levels of your rule projects for users, teams and tenants.