More Transparency for Avaloq Banks

Model rules in ACTICO and execute them in the Avaloq Banking Suite.

Graphical rules for Avaloq customers

ACTICO and Avaloq signed a software partnership. The result of the joint development is the  Avaloq Business Rules Standard Adapter. Thanks to the partnership, the behavior of Avaloq Investment Suitability Framework can be perfectly managed using ACTICO graphical rule modeling. When implementing MiFID II, PRIIPs and FIDLEG projects, this adapter significantly increases the transparency. The secret are graphical rules in the ACTICO Decision Management. Business departments in a financial institution can now model rules with regard to investor protection graphically and execute them in the Avaloq Banking Suite.

You can expect these benefits from the Avaloq Business Rules Standard Adapter:

  • Business rules can be modeled graphically in ACTICO Decision Management and then be executed in the Avaloq Banking Suite.
  • The decision logic is readable by the business department and brings more transparency.
  • The central rules management ensures consistency within distributed and heterogeneous architectures.

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