What is DMN (Decision Model and Notation)?

Model and automate your operational decisions with the OMG® industry standard.

What is DMN?

Decision Model and Notation

The Decision Model and Notation (DMN) is the OMG® standard for modeling, documenting and automating decisions. Business analysts, subject matter experts and IT professionals use DMN as a common notation that is easy to understand, vendor-independent and widely used. With DMN, companies increase transparency and drive digital transformation through automation.

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Improved Transparency

Transparent decision-making processes provide both, clarity to internal stakeholders and traceable compliance to the regulator. With DMN, companies create visual decision models that are easy to understand for all stakeholders.

Higher Quality

Business analysts use DMN to easily and systematically create decision models and define requirements. This analytical approach helps uncover potentials for improvement, take risks into account and improve the quality of business decisions.

Increased Efficiency

Decision Model and Notation allows companies to automate decisions that have been made manual before within a process. This way, they implement truly digital end-to-end processes that enable consistent and efficient interactions with their customers.

DMN Reference Guide & DMN Poster

Whether beginner or expert – our DMN Poster and the DMN Reference Guide provide optimum support for your daily work.

Why DMN?

Shortcomings of other approaches

In the last decades, companies have been constantly improving their business processes in order to increase efficiency. However, classic approaches such as BPMN come short at some of today's challenges. This often results in:

  • Lack of transparency over information, participants and systems required to make a decision

  • Business decisions that are hard-wired in processes and applications

  • Decision logic is redundantly maintained with high efforts

  • Decisions are made inconsistently and inefficiently

Transparent & standardized decision modeling

With DMN, companies standardize, simplify and improve the modeling and automation of their operational business decisions. Business and IT use the standard to develop and implement decision models collaboratively. They benefit from:

  • Graphical and analytical view on decisions and their dependencies

  • Vendor-independent, open OMG® industry standard

  • High flexibility through independency from processes and applications

  • Consistent decisions through reusable decision models

  • Automated execution of decision models


Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

The ACTICO Platform for Decision Management fully supports the DMN standard in the current version 1.1. From modeling to execution, no additional tools are required.

  • Full DMN support on the highest Conformance Level 3

  • Modeling, management, execution and governance support

  • High-performance DMN decision engine

ACTICO Platform fully supports the DMN standard in version 1.1

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DMN Reference Guide & Poster

The optimum support for your daily work with DMN

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