Digitalization and Automation of Insurance Processes

Drive the digital transformation of your processes using highly flexible technology

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

Enhanced profitability, lower costs and stronger customer loyalty

Insurance companies face the challenge of increasing their profitability, reducing costs and operating flexibly on the market through consistent digitalization. With software for Decision Management, you can drive forward the digitalization and automation of your core processes in health, life and nonlife insurance:

Optimize underwriting processes. 

Automate claims processes.

Automate document management.

Improve sanctions list checks and fraud detection.

Automate settlement checks.

Decision Management for insurance companies

Successful implementation of Digital processes in insurance companies

Logo Provinzial NordWest

Flexible Service Processes

Westfälische Provinzial Insurance is increasing the flexibility of their service processes. Changes can be introduced into the market quickly and the coordination between business departments and IT is significantly improved

Logo Sanitas

Digital Invoice Checking

The Swiss health insurer Sanitas is automating invoice checking using ACTICO Rules. Sanitas is simplifying the system architecture and can implement changes easily and quickly.

Helsana Success Story

Efficient Risk Management

The Swiss health and accident insurer uses ACTICO Rules to simplify risk pre-check and improve process Control. therby the efficiency and transparency in Underwriting is increased.

Logo ASSU 2000

Multichannel Pricing

The French insurance broker ASSU 2000 is strengthening its competitive position through multichannel pricing. The company now maintains price models centrally and updates them in all sales channels on a weekly basis.

"ACTICO Rules comes into play when we want to change rules ad hoc and independent of IT release cycles."
Dr. Christian Brandt, Westfälische Provinzial Insurance

steps towards successful digitalization

More flexible IT Landscapes

In their digitalization initiatives, insurance companies usually come across complex, evolved IT landscapes and rigid processes with specialist knowledge often firmly entrenched in the systems. This results in high maintenance costs and hinders the necessary flexibility - especially in light of the increasing number of sales channels.

Automate Processes

With Software for Decision Management, insurers digitalize their processes and decisions. They extract expert knowledge from processes and systems, automate decisions and rules uniformly throughout the IT landscape, and adapt them flexibly. This is how they continuously increase the value of their decisions.

Improve Decisions

Areas where Decision Management can be applied cover the entire spectrum of knowledge-intensive and frequently repeated processes and operational decisions.

Examples are service processes, pricing, contract management, risk assessment, settlement, sanction list checks and fraud detection.

Advantages of automated decisions

Expertise in the Business Department 

The business logic is maintained using graphical tools right where the expertise is located - in the business department. Thus, experts' roles are strengthened and the IT department receives important help when dealing with quality assurance and integration.

Faster Market Launch

By decoupling IT logic from IT release cycles, better coordination between IT and business, combined with the centralized approach of ACTICO software, accelerates the introduction of new or changed decision models into the market. 

Modern IT Landscape

The business logic that is provided as a web service is reusable, which reduces the complexity of the IT landscape, as well as the costs for implementation and maintenance. 

Numerous insurers rely on ACTICO Software.