Efficient Cross-Border Compliance

Ensure compliance with cross-border regulations thanks to digital country manuals

Digital Country Manuals

Master regulatory constraints in cross-border banking!

Current regulatory requirements for investor protection (e.g. MiFID2, MiFIR, PRIIP, OGAW or FIDLEG) pose special challenges, in particular for banks with significant volumes of international business. Depending on the context, banks have to arrive at clear and traceable answers to the question of whether client advisors are allowed to offer a product or service. Are you prepared for the challenges in cross-border banking?

Cross-border suitability challenge

Complexity in cross-border compliance

Your challenges

Complexity of cross-border compliance

How do you maintain perspective when faced with the complex verification process and internationally applicable regulations? Many banks can keep up with legislation only at a huge expense. Manual research in country manuals and internal instructions often lead to inconsistent, time-consuming, and non-transparent decisions that depend on how well informed their client advisors are. Furthermore, these reviews are often undocumented, and automatic controls are lacking. To minimize risk, banks often consider withdrawing to just a few core markets.

Our solution

Cross-Border Suitability

ACTICO offers a software solution that matches your application scope and meets the demanding regulatory requirements. With a rule-based, automated process, these requirements can be assessed, applied, and documented in an audit-proof way in combination with directions, instructions and internal bank policies. To do this, ACTICO Cross-Border Suitability automatically accesses the digitized cross-border country manuals of our partners Bizzozero & Partners SA and Indigita via a standard interface. Digital country manuals are available for 120 countries and include proven compliance expertise for banking services, investment services, and product placement.

Our solution lets you:

  • Manage the regulatory constraints in cross-border banking.

  • Offer your financial advisors guidance in decision making.

  • Avoid financial losses and damage to your reputation.

  • Use compliance expertise from proven digital cross-border country manuals.

  • Document cross-border checks in an auditable and traceable way.

Key Features:

Digital country manuals from our partners BRP & Indigita

Possibility of bank-specific adaptions

Context-specific case clarification

Individual clarification workflows

Audit-proof documentation of all checks

Central cross-border suitability service


Reduced advisory risks

Efficiency and cost reductions

Better customer relationships

Highest quality advice

New market potential

Rapid implementation of in-house plicies

More than 100 customers from the financial sector already rely on ACTICO.

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Cross-border compliance expertise meets technology leadership

BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA (BRP SA) aims at assisting banks and financial institutions in managing constantly evolving regulatory constraints. BRP country manuals provide financial institutions with the necessary skills and know-how for their cross-border activities, thus allowing them to manage their regulatory risks.

BRP Bizzozero & Partners SA

indigita was founded in 2016 by BRP SA and the consulting firm Orbium to provide all the information banks and independent financial advisors need to comply with cross-border regulation in a structured digital format. BRP SA, indigita and ACTICO cooperate to provide a fully-integrated IT solution to banks aiming to ensure compliance in their cross-border activities.


ACTICO is a leading international provider of software solutions and technologies for decision management. In a digital world it is necessary to process large volumes of data and make fast, consistent and auditable decisions; that is where our software solutions provide an advantage. Business rules and processes can be easily adapted and executed automatically, which improves the efficiency and agility of our customers in their competitive area. This also enables them to accelerate their growth, innovate effectively, stay compliant and as a result, increase profits.