Central Decision Services

Manage decisions efficiently, automate them consistently and change them securely when you need to.

Business Agility through Centralized Decision Services

With Central Decision Services, companies optimize how decisions are managed and automated. They can centralize decision and rule logic, execute it consistently across all processes, systems and channels, and realize changes whenever they need to.

Automated execution of decisions and rules as web services

Rapid and secure changes independent of IT release cycles

Seamless integration into the existing IT architecture

Shared services that are consistent across the company and beyond

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White Paper: Business Agility through Central Decision Services

Our customers rely on the central approach for managing their decision logic

Consistent Decisions

Central Decision Services

Central Decision Services combine SOA & Business Rules

Central Rule Engines combine the service-oriented architecture (SOA) concept and the business rules approach with the goal of consistent administration, automation and reusable deployment of operational decisions. Decision-making is based on decision logic, which is decoupled from application code and maintained with the help of ACTICO Rules, our business rules management system. Business experts independently manage and continually improve this decision logic, thus, creating maximum business agility and flexibility.

Use Cases & Applications

Central Decision Services in the Financial Industry

Banks and insurance companies use centralized Decision Management to digitize their knowledge-intensive and decision-centric core processes. Discover some of the use cases and applications that are efficiently realized with ACTICO Software.

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