Business Decision Management

Driving digital transformation through decision automation and optimization.

What is Business Decision Management?

Banks and insurance companies adopt business decision management to optimize, digitize and automate their operational decisions. These decisions are often business-critical and too complex for traditional approaches. For example, credit decisions typically require a variety of calculations, scorings, risk assessments and compliance checks. Instead of implementing these decision rules in the form of hard-wired application code, in spreadsheets or in static business process models, decision management standardizes and simplifies how decisions are defined, automated and maintained.

How Does Business Decision Management Work?

Business decision management supports companies throughout the entire life cycle of defining, executing and governing operational business decisions.


Graphical decision modeling tools allow business and technical users to uncover, define and document their operational decision-making processes.


The decision models are stored in one central repository allowing users and teams to collaboratively and securely manage and optimize these models with their versions.


decision engine allows the automated execution of decision models. This is usually done as webservices (decision services) that can be used by any process or business application.


If changes are necessary, users simply access the centralized decision models. They quickly and flexibly realize their changes without the need to adapt any process or application. This way, the business gets independent from IT release cycles.

Business Decision Management Enables Digital Transformation

Decision management helps realize end-to-end business processes and truly digital interactions. Bottlenecks in the process flow caused through manual decision-making are replaced through automated decisions. This way, companies realize real-time digital interactions. At the same time, decision management meets the specific demands of the financial industry:

Improved transparency over decisions and accompanying risks

Increased efficiency through automation

High consistency and flexibility of decision making

Audit-proof traceability of decision making

Business decision management enables digitization through automation

Business Decision Management with ACTICO Platform

ACTICO Platform is a highly flexible software technology for automating and optimizing operational decisions. The Decision Management Suite supports business users and IT experts throughout the entire process of modeling, implementing and automating simple or complex decisions. Decisions that cannot be fully automated can be made consistently based on workflow-based, interactive applications.

ACTICO Platform Decision Management Suite

Decision Modeling

Create and share graphical decision models

Decision Automation

Automate decisions across all systems and channels

Interactive Decisions

Implement highly flexible, interactive applications

Decision Analytics

Analyze and optimize your operational decisions

Applications & Use Cases

Where Banks and Insurance Companies use Business Decision Management

Banks and insurance companies use Decision Management to digitize their knowledge-intensive and decision-centric core processes. Whether rules-based process routing or automation of business-critical credit decisions – companies gain control over their highly complex business. Discover some of the use cases and applications that are realized with ACTICO Platform.

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