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Automate P&C InsurTech Processes with ACTICO Platform

The property & casualty (P&C) insurance market is becoming increasingly complex. With the digital transformation, new regulations and higher competition, it is more important than ever for insurers to leverage innovative technologies for timely decisions while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.

With the ACTICO Platform P&C insurers are able to automate insurance claims processing through the entire value chain without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Insurance Broker with 500K customers

Digital multichannel pricing system:

ACTICO Platform as new rules-based pricing system to ensure price transparency and policies in a rapidly changing competitive environment.

Health Insurer with 2 million customers

Efficient risk management in underwriting:

Thanks to ACTICO Platform, employees of the "Strategic Underwriting" department are able to independently adapt, test and activate risk models.

P&C Insurer with 2 million customers

More flexibility in insurance processes:

With ACTICO Platform, performance processes can be adapted. Thanks to its graphical interface, business users can create and customize the business logic.


Maximize profitability and improve performance while optimizing customer satisfaction with ACTICO Platform.

Enhance customer experience

Reduce costs

Improve operational efficiency

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Current Trends

ACTICO Machine Learning for insurers
Methods for better risk decisions

Insurance companies can use their client's data to automatically create risk models for underwriting and claims management. Machine learning provides methods that make better risk decisions and complement rule-based models.

ACTICO Cloud Service
ACTICO Platform-as-a-Service

ACTICO Cloud Services helps you capture, automate and manage rules-based business decisions – all hosted and managed in a virtual private cloud.