"ACTICO Rules is an outstanding fit for our existing system architecture and much more."

Urs Knecht, Director of Software Development

Automated Account Auditing at Sanitas

The Sanitas Group is a leading health insurance provider in Switzerland. In order to master the complex and voluminous task of auditing several million accounts payable annually, Sanitas uses a custom-developed application they call "Heureka", echoing Archimedes' exclamation. Since 2009, all rules are managed by the business rules management system ACTICO Rules.

Conversion to ACTICO Rules succeeded in establishing a clear structure for the rules and greatly simplifying the architecture of the Heureka system. Beyond that, changing and creating rules with the ACTICO Modeler is now simpler, more intuitive and quicker than in the past.

Heureka – The Facts & Figures

Invoices in Heureka DB: > 21 million since 1995

Number of audit items: > 111 million

Rule packages: approx. 150

Heureka clients: approx. 250, including 100 power users

Heureka releases: approx. 4 per year

Configured automation rate: 50%

"ACTICO Rules is an outstanding fit for our existing system architecture, facilitating quick implementation of new rules and, through its graphical representation, simplifying communication with our business departments."

Urs Knecht, Director of Software Development, Sanitas

Heureka powered by ACTICO Rules – download our Success Story to read more or discover ACTICO's intuitive approach to Business Rules Management.

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