"ACTICO Rules comes into play when we want to change rules ad hoc and independent of an IT release."

Dr. Christian Brandt,
Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung AG

More flexibility in insurance processes

About Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung AG

Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung AG is a property and casualty insurer headquartered in Muenster, Germany with 1.8 million customers holding some 5 million insurance contracts. As a subsidiary of Provinzial NordWest insurance group, Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung is one of the largest German insurers and part of the German Savings Banks Finance Group. Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung AG looks back on a history of almost 300 years and today is the market leader in the region.

Challenge: Flexibility & process automation

The "Process Automation" project was intended to form the architectural basis of business process management at Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung. A central challenge was to ensure process agility and flexibility necessary in an insurance environment. Claims processes are the core business in insurance, and it is critical that they are capable of adapting rapidly to regulatory or other external factors.

Solution: Business rules as a web service

The deviation from the standard process described above poses an information technology challenge. Changing complex processes defined with business process management on short notice is no simple feat. For Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung, the solution to the problem was business rules management. With the aid of rules technology, the review and decision logic would be graphically modeled at each process stage as a set of rules, and then made available and executed as a web service at runtime. The use of dynamic rule services ensures increased agility of processes and a short time to market for changes within those processes.

ACTICO impresses with a graphic, collaborative approach

When it came time to implement rules services, Westfälische Provinzial Versicherung AG opted for ACTICO Rules, ACTICO's intuitive business rules management system (BRMS). For the insurance group, the features that really tipped the scales in favor of ACTICO were the highly flexible decision logic available as a web service, and the intuitive graphic approach that is easy for users without in-depth IT knowledge to create, manage, and optimize business logic.

"Compared to Drools, for example, it seems that with Drools it would be difficult to introduce business analysts to the mostly abstract rule language. But with ACTICO Rules, the decision graphs, trees and tables closely follow specialized terminology and thus offer simple accessibility," says Dr. Christian Brandt, head of the department responsible for technical architecture and process automation at Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung AG.

Einfache Zugänglichkeit von ACTICOs BRMS

Varied scenarios for business rules management

Regarding the use scenarios of ACTICO Rules at Westfaelische Provinzial Versicherung, Dr. Christian Brandt says: "ACTICO Rules comes into play when we want to change sets of rules ad hoc and independent of an IT release."

Rules-based checks within vehicle glass damage processes

Fraud detection through rules-based calculation of score values

Digitization of processes triggered within the customer portal

Advantages through the combination of BRM & BPM

Flexibility in business processes through the provision of dynamic rules services

Short time to market in the case of changes in the checking and decision logic

Release-independent changes to the business logic

Improved collaboration between business department, IT coordination and application development

Download the full Success Story for more details on the scenarios and how they were implemented.

Flexibilität durch Kombination von BRM & BPM
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