"ACTICO has given us super support throughout the project."

Peychyn Lai, Risk Management Specialist

Anti-Money Laundering & Credit Risk Rating at PostFinance AG

PostFinance AG analyzes Financial Transactions with MLDS

PostFinance AG has approximately 3.3 million clients and 5 million accounts. The company uses the risk classification process in ACTICO's Money Laundering Detection System (MLDS) to analyze business relationships with private and corporate clients. The scenarios are mapped into the business rules technology ACTICO Rules. The rule-based technology monitors 6 to 8 million transactions – in peak times between 16 and 18 million per day. Overall responsibility for the process lies with the compliance department. IT is only involved when new parameters for the compliance rules must be introduced.

PostFinance AG monitors credit risks with the
Credit Risk Management Platform

PostFinance AG uses our Credit Risk Management Platform to assess the creditworthiness of corporate and retail clients. The risk control process for both business and retail clients, starts with the automated validation of data coming from the Data Warehouse. Subsequently, it traverses the entire data set by running the scorecard’s rule models in a batch process. The data for the credit assessment are restored back over a standard interface in the Data Warehouse and are then made available to different departments of the financial institution. As a statistical tool, PostFinance uses, for example, R-Scripts in order to specify the danger of the clustering of risk, or to determine the influence of individual factors in balance sheet analysis for the optimum weight in the scorecard.

"The visual representation provides us with relatively simple and intuitive modeling without programming knowledge. The scorecard models are extremely adaptable!"

Ms. Peychyn Lai, Risk Management Specialist, PostFinance AG