"LGT creates added value for customers, relationship managers & the bank itself."

Philip Schädler, Head IT Development Compliance & Business Rules

How regulation improves efficiency in Business and IT

Regulation, digital transformation and the low-interest envionment are considered to be a huge driver of costs in private banking. The compliance effort increases, and relationship managers must budget more time in their daily routines for regulatory measures. 

This is why LGT - the largest private banking and asset management group in the world to be owned by an entrepreneurial family - has decided to embark upon a groundbreaking project: Turn regulation into benefits and profit.

Private Banking and IT use new technology platform 

LGT is aware that the implementation of regulations is unavoidable. This gave rise to the idea of using a new technology platform - ACTICO Rules. This Business Rules Management System allows the interaction among processes, rules and core banking functionalities. Regulatory and sales processes now have an identical basis.

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