"ACTICO Rules gives us an accurate lease analysis and planning tool for commercial real estate properties."


Rule-based controlling at HANSAINVEST

More transparency for analysis & planning of commercial real estate investments

HANSAINVEST Hanseatic Investment-GmbH, Hamburg, is a capital investment company of the insurance group SIGNAL IDUNA and manages numerous commercial properties. In order to make the analysis and planning of real estate investments even more transparent, the real estate consultancy BBT Group Berlin and HANSAINVEST have set developing a new tool for the accurate planning of real estate leases as their goal. To flexibly model all relevant factors, such as the more than 100 parameters in a typical commercial lease, HANSAINVEST implemented ACTICO Rules.


Graphical rule-based business processes modeling

The basis of the innovative tools for planning and analysis is the business intelligence software DeltaMaster™ from Bissantz & Company, Nuremberg. The heart of the software for the accurate planning and projection of leasing market values is ACTICO Rules, which embodies the flexible component for modeling business rules. ACTICO Rules offers business users a simple, user-friendly drag & drop interface to model business rules. These rules take into account all important relationships between leasing components, market developments and other real estate-related parameters.

The planning process is standardized and automated with the help of the modeled business rules and at the same time visualizes the decision-making. With ACTICO Rules, the real estate investor is in a position to completely plan based on certain assumptions about imported data. The results describe in detail, for example, the current level of income and expense, and also offer predictions of performance trends in vacancy and future tenancy market value. Moreover, rules can be stored for the examination of the underlying database.

"Through graphical modeling and its visualization, business departments consistently get started quickly with no set-up time, and immediately get into the modeling process. With the variety of combination possibilities – more than 100 parameters in each of the 8,000 leases – this was the key success factor from the point of view of the consultants. The management of HANSAINVEST also praised the transparency and traceability of decisions", says Henri Lüdeke, CEO of BBT GmbH.

“ACTICO Rules gives us an accurate lease analysis and planning tool for commercial real estate properties.”

Jan Manthei, Real Estate Controlling, HANSAINVEST

Advantages of integrating ACTICO's BRMS in the planning tool

The vivid visualization within ACTICO Rules results in a high degree of flexibility for modeling business rules without programming knowledge. This allows the business department to integrate all contract details, options, deadlines and renewal rules, without the assistance of IT. For planning, users can flexibly override assumptions in scenarios. Precise forecasts in different scenarios support the investment process in an illustrative way.

"ACTICO Rules gives us an accurate lease analysis and planning tool for commercial real estate properties. At the click of a button, we have the flexibility to adapt to changed conditions and scenarios, and at all times have complete transparency into our leases and value drivers!"

Jan Manthei, Real Estate Controlling, HANSAINVEST

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