"Using ACTICO’s credit risk solution, we can flexibly and rapidly change our business rules whenever required.”

Sabino Constanzo, Co-founder of Credimi

Invoice Financing - Automated Risk Assessment and Pricing

Credimi.com is an Italy-based Fintech startup providing invoice financing for small and medium-sized enterprises and supply chain financing for high profile corporates. Credimi's mission is to make invoice financing faster, simpler, and more transparent than any other available alternative. 

In order to achieve a high level of automation in credit risk assessment process, Credimi was looking for a flexible and scalable credit risk rating and pricing engine to be incorporate into the underwriting workflow. The rating engine had to fulfill the following main requirements:

  • Seamless integration with the internal workflow tools for invoice underwriting

  • Flexible implementation and maintenance of risk rating models based on an internal algorithm 

  • Calculation of risk-based pricing leveraging an internal pricing algorithm

  • Full audit trail on user interactions and calculation results

Credimi has decided on ACTICO and its decision management technology as an integral component into its origination process. After an initial training on configuration, testing and deployment of rule models of Credimi’s model administrators, Credimi was able to independently author and implement all rating and pricing models. The goal was to implement a modular architecture in order to be able to integrate new modules at occurrence and the result of data projects related to risk assessment.   

Credimi is now able to:

  • Autonomously operate the rating and pricing engine, thereby leveraging Credimi’s in-house capabilities to configure and extend rating models with a very short time-to-market

  • Significantly reduce time to deliver transparent and consistent invoice financing decisions

  • Fully auditable financing decisions and respective processes

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