Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers.

For 20 years, companies around the globe have relied on our Decision Management software. The requirements and application fields vary as much as our customers. We work for financial institutions that operate in all different domains and in more than 30 countries: Fintechs, banks, leasing companies, insurance companies and financial service providers.

Customers buy not only our technology, but also the expertise with which they can define their decision models for compliance, loan origination, credit risk management, client management or insurance processes like underwriting and claims management. The objective: automation and digitization of the company.

digitalized world
Speed, high volumes of data & complex decisions

Our customers see many new business opportunities in this digital world. This places demand on: speed, controling exploding data volumes, handling personal data and being compliant. Making decisions that make your business successful is becoming increasingly complex. ACTICO makes it possible to increase business value for every operational decision and to flexibly adapt to changing strategies and market requirements.