Credit Bureau Gateway for Accessing External Data Providers

The ACTICO Credit Bureau Gateway allows for easy integration with external data providers, such as credit bureaus, payment history data pools, and credit insurers. The gateway unifies technically diverse interfaces and harmonizes data access, which reduces the complexity of client systems. The modular design of the gateway keeps maintenance costs low and allows for flexible addition of new interfaces.

What advantages does the Credit Bureau Gateway offer?

Make use of standard connectors

The gateway provides standard interfaces to various suppliers, including Schufa, Dun & Bradstreet, Bürgel, Equifax, Creditreform, Arvato Infoscore, and Deutsche Bank’s credit report service. Its architecture and connectors make it especially easy to integrate new external data suppliers.

Increase flexibility

A constantly changing market environment requires external data suppliers to revise and expand the services they offer. Associated changes to interfaces push up maintenance costs at client systems. The architecture of the Credit Bureau Gateway provides the flexibility needed to keep any maintenance work to a minimum. The main component of the gateway is a software platform, into which different connectors to external data providers are integrated.

The processing logic of each connector is implemented in Visual Rules (ACTICO Business Rules Management System). These graphically modeled rules can be flexibly adapted and expanded.

Reduce complexity

For data exchanges with external data suppliers, both individual processes and specific data types must be taken into account. These processes typically include identification of companies, selection of credit reports, and report ordering.

The gateway standardizes and simplifies these processes. It reduces the complexity of data types and performs data mappings. This greatly reduces the complexity of the client systems.

Lower costs

Each product or data package from an external data provider is stored centrally in the caching database and can be accessed by all users of a corporation. This avoids multiple purchases of the same credit report, and reduces costs.

Promote automation 

The Gateway allows the implementation of automated polling processes. The platform also takes care of communication processes, such as report updates or requests for investigation. As a result, the complexity associated with these processes can be successfully transferred from a client application to the gateway.