ACTICO Platform shows great DMN conformance

ACTICO Platform achieves impressive DMN conformance results on the cross-vendor test platform DMN Technology Capability Kit.

Future safety and investment protection through standardized decisions

With the Decision Model and Notation (DMN), the Object Management Group (OMG®) has set itself the goal of standardizing the modeling and implementation of decisions. This should enable companies to model and automate decisions independent of the software used, and thus, provide future safety and protect their technology investments. In reality, it has been shown that software providers often implement the DMN standard differently. The result: The exchange of DMN models between different software products is difficult or even completely impossible. Companies should aim for high conformance with the DMN standard specifications.

Cross-vendor test platform helps with the evaluation

In order to counteract the development mentioned above, a consortium of suppliers and interested parties, headed by Keith D. Swenson, Fujitsu America, is providing a cross-vendor test platform. The DMN Technology Capability Kit allows users and interested parties to evaluate DMN software products for their conformance to the DMN specification. Software providers can use the test platform to evaluate and demonstrate their DMN compliance on the basis of test cases. For DMN users, the test platform serves as a tool to evaluate DMN software.

ACTICO Platform achieves best results of commercial DMN providers

ACTICO Platform convinces with the currently strongest commercial offer with regard to DMN standard conformance. The results show customers and interested parties that ACTICO Platform supports future safety for their investments and their business. With ACTICO, they rely on a provider that optimally supports the core benefits of the DMN standard: interchangeability and reusability of decisions.

DMN TCK results show great results of ACTICO Platform