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A chat with our employees about our work environment. 

Why i decided to Work for actico

Employee story Marc Dottermann – Trainee IT Specialist focusing on system integration

HR: Hi Marc. You started your apprenticeship at ACTICO in September 2015. Which area do you work in?

Marc: I am doing an apprenticeship in IT for systems integration working in the area of infrastructure administration.

HR: Tell us about your career so far.

Marc: Starting as a machine and plant manager in a plastics plant, I already enjoyed spending my spare time talking about networks and computer technologies. So that I could turn my hobby into a profession, I decided to go back to school and retrain. After completing middle school at the Jörg-Zürn Gewerbeschule vocational school in Überlingen, I attended the Elektronikschule Tettnang electronics college to complete the university entrance exams while training to qualify as an information and communications technician. After that, I came across ACTICO - which was still Bosch Financial Software back then - via job portals.

HR: What is your field of activity?

Marc: At the beginning of the apprenticeship, I was responsible for all the IT equipment of all employees. This was during the renaming of Bosch Financial Software to ACTICO. I have since taken on many other areas of responsibility such as fixing technology problems with hardware and software, as well as the management and administration of our infrastructure.

HR: Which tasks do you find particularly exciting

Marc: I find the management and administration of systems via remote maintenance access especially exciting. Through my varied activities, however, I am always in our colleagues’ offices. I enjoy solving problems on site. This brings me new tasks and challenges every day.

HR: What makes ACTICO so special as an employer?

Marc: During the carve-out of Bosch Financial Software to ACTICO, I had the opportunity to meet every employee in the company. The special feature of ACTICO, at least from my perspective, is the great atmosphere. When you start at ACTICO, you feel like you are part of a big family with very different personalities and interesting histories. The strong cohesion in the company has its reasons, of course. ACTICO also organizes many events outside the world of work. These include smaller groups, such as student gatherings and excursions, as well as larger activities such as ski trips, hikes, the AOK run and Christmas parties. In addition, every employee has a lot of knowledge, especially in their field of expertise. So you can always get a clear answer to your question, no matter what department you go to.

HR: How much have you developed during your time at ACTICO?

Marc: I have become much more confident in dealing with technology from the areas of networks, computers, software and systems. So I have gained a lot of specialist knowledge about these. At the same time, I got to know great people who I am now good friends with.

HR: What are your hobbies and how do you spend your spare time

Marc: In my spare time, I like going out into the fresh air and doing sports. Except in winter, when I mainly go to the gym. And in summer I mostly like going inline skating or water skiing/wakeboarding. Outside working hours, I just need the balance that I get from doing sport. I also play billiards. And whenever time allows, I go traveling with friends. I love seeing and getting to know other places.

HR: Dear Marc. Thank you for your insights.

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