ACTICO Cloud Services

Create and deploy decision based applications with ACTICO Platform-as-a-Service.

ACTICO cloud services

Cloud-based decision automation

ACTICO Cloud Services helps you capture, automate and manage rules-based business decisions – all hosted and managed in a virtual private cloud. Supported by secure hosting and robust disaster recovery, ACTICO Cloud Services reduces the expense of managing an in-house IT system, while ensuring your data is protected and easily accessible.

  • The deployment and managed service of the ACTICO Platform and strategic software solutions and applications in the cloud

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure, where resiliency, backup, monitoring and security is all taken care of, with a global reach

  • Continuous lifecycle support with application updates and continuous delivery for software and provided services.

ACTICO Cloud Services Circle

Trusted decision management with the agility of the cloud

Easy access to decision management technology

Easy access to decision management technology

Delivers high performance execution engines to support cloud-based decision automation. A unified application development environment is provided.

Fast time to value, scalability and availability

Delivers fast time to value, scalability and availability

Quick solution deployment enables process owners and business users to get started fast. The service enables varying workloads and simplifies moving to higher capacity environments. Also, high availability is ensured through ACTICO management and operation.

Reduce costs and effort

Reduce costs and effort

ACTICO Cloud Services eliminates the need to purchase hardware, perpetual software licenses or installation services, thereby allowing to reduce capital expenditures in hardware and investment in IT skills. This provides a readily available cloud environment for development, testing and production.

Managed Service

Deployment and managed service of the ACTICO Platform and strategic software solutions in the cloud.


Infrastructure is constantly monitored for system performance and resource utilization by ACTICO. 

Resiliency / Backup 

Full data recovery through various levels of backup and redundancy for customer data are taken care of.


ACTICO products and solutions can easily be integrated with other systems and applications, through connectors or services.

Compliance & Security

A secure and robust infrastructure is provided that promotes high levels of security and data integrity.

SLAs und Support 

ACTICO offers different SLAs and Support levels tailored for the specific needs of our customers.



Reduce IT strain with managed infrastructure, maintenance, and software updates.



Realize significantly lower TCO compared to in-house solutions.



Multiple deployment options for running your strategic applications in the cloud, on premise or hybrid environment.

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