ACTICO RegTech Day 2018

Co-Creation Platform for Business and IT

What can banks and insurance agencies do to serve their customers in real time? What compliance tasks can be automated, and what progress has been made in digitalization with machine learning? Reg and Tech specialists addressed all this and more at the ACTICO RegTech Day in Zurich.

Digitalization of Compliance with Machine Learning

Volker Großmann, CTO & Thomas Ohlemacher, Product Manager, ACTICO GmbH

What is “digital”? Simple, appropriate, fast, and always available – but most of all compliant! The number of regulatory requirements nearly quintupled between 2008 and 2015. Volker Großmann and Thomas Ohlemacher discuss why customer relationships in the digital age are always a question of regulations and how modern technologies make them manageable.

ING: The Digitalization Offensive

Tobias Horn, Technical Product Owner at ING

Personalized customer communication in real time – direct bank ING-DiBa’s recipe for success in cutting-edge IT architecture. The “Customer Context Platform” combines Big Data, analytics, and business rules. The result is appropriate customer communication for situations ranging from telephone banking, push messaging to a personalized website.

Increased Efficiency in Detection of Market Abuse and Insider Trading

Sandra Reinhard, Manager at PPI AG

Wash trades, improperly matched orders, ping orders, phantom orders – the EU Market Abuse Directive obligates financial institutions to set up systems for monitoring these forbidden practices. Find out how such monitoring systems can be successfully implemented.

Compliance Suite: More Efficient with Machine Learning

Thomas Suchy, Director Projects and Solutions & Thomas Ohlemacher, Product Manager, ACTICO GmbH

ACTICO Compliance Suite is known for its ability to cover a whole set of applications such as the prevention of money laundering, market abuse and insider trading, sanctions and PEP-list checks, and transaction monitoring. What is new in Compliance Suite is the web-based architecture approach for pre-clearance in securities trading and the integration of machine learning models.

Intelligent Decision Automation: Business Rules, DMN, Machine Learning

Volker Großmann, CTO, ACTICO GmbH

Companies make millions of operational decisions each day. The challenge is reaching the best possible decisions and implementing them consistently and traceably. “Intelligent decision automation” combines business rules and machine learning, linking the most advanced technologies.

Knowledge Cafés

Deepening knowledge, looking at topics in more detail, asking questions. In the knowledge cafés, the moderators explained compliance and technology aspects and showed live demos: Machine learning, DMN modeling, RegTech in the cloud, Avaloq Business Rules Standard Adapter & monitoring of unstructured data in the KYC process.


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