Anti-Financial Crime in Banks: Task for Management and IT

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“Software solutions alone are not sufficient enough to remain compliant and prevent threats of external or internal criminal acts”, says Sven Feddersen. Sven is a Project Director at ACTICO in Germany.

“To create trust with an individual employee, a bank needs a credible and firm commitment to its own policies at all levels of management.”

Read more in the interview of the Swiss Magazine for Banks and the Finance Industry (Schweizer Bank):

  • How well are Swiss financial institutions equipped against financial crime?
  • What are the greatest challenges?
  • What are the standard requirements that need to be covered by financial crime solutions?
  • Will there be more anti-financial crime solutions arising from the cloud?
  • What should banks do to strengthen risk awareness and meet compliance requirements in a timely manner?
    Why can technical support identify risk and opportunities and potentials by using the same methods?

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